Sunday, November 21, 2010


So I like blogging. It is a way to get random things out of my mind. To write about mundane, ordinary things that I think many of us experience. I started blogging in earnest last November during NaBloPoMo when my friend Patti told me about it. My brother had died just a few months prior to that (April 14, 2009), and I was still in deep grief. Blogging helped me have a safe place I could write about what I was feeling. If anyone read it, that was fine, but it was for me, not for anyone else.

I have blogged about Brian a few times, my friends a few times, but mostly my blogging is just random. I sit in front of my computer and try to think about something to write. My wise friend Patti says I could try taking a shower or going for a drive. Usually random thoughts will come to you during those moments of solitude, and give you something to write about.

I have an ADHD brain, so there are always lots of thoughts in there, but sometimes I cannot latch onto just one. Even as I am typing now, I keep thinking of random things that pop into my mind. Maybe one day I will just type the thoughts that pop into my head. My brain can be a scary place, and the random things that float around in there may surprise you. Then again, maybe other people's brains work like that too. I can only inhabit mine, so I don't know how other brains work.

Last night when K was coming home from picking her daughter up from work, she said there was a bad one car accident on Respass beach road. She said the ambulance on the scene had put down flares in the Northern Shores Elementary School parking lot to mark a helipad for a life flight. Sure enough within 5 minutes we heard the helicopter approaching and watched it land in the school parking lot. About 10 minutes later it took off, and headed in the direction of Norfolk, I assume to Sentara Hospital. We didn't see anything about it in the news today, so I wonder what happened. If anyone knows anything, please let me know.

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