Friday, January 23, 2009

My emotions are running amok

I have been having a very emotional week.  Pride, satisfaction, hope, joy, sorrow, inspired!  These are some of the emotions I have been feeling this week surrounding the inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44th President.  I was GLUED to the tv on Tuesday, watching the pre events, the event, and the post events, including the parade.  I haven't watched that much tv in one day since the 9/11 attacks!
The kids had a snow day (sans snow), and so they watched the actual inauguration with me.  we talked about little things like Dr. Biden wanting to teach at a local community college instead of a prestigious university, how Mr. Cheney hurt his back moving boxes, a little about each president there, the Lincoln Bible Mrs. Obama carried, the fact that the Obama girls are about the same age as they are, etc.  I was moved to tears by the sheer weight of the historic event as it unfolded.  

Afterwards, I asked each of my three boys what they thought about President Obama's speech.  They each had their own viewpoint, but the main theme was that they felt he was an "awesome" speaker, and that they were very happy he is our new President.  (they are 13, 11, and 9).  The youngest one really grasped the fact that President Obama wants to "reach out" to Americans and other countries.

Then, while at the gym on Wednesday as I was doing my hills on the treadmill, the Oprah Winfrey show came on.  I listened to my music and read the teletype, and then she shows the "america's song" video.  I listened to it through my headphones, and a few other gym patrons gave me strange glances as I walked my hills transfixed to the tv with tears streaming down my face.  It was so moving, and so fitting!  I was trying to link it here, but can't find it anywhere but Oprah's website.  Please check it out!

I have been inspired by President Obama's speech during the inauguration, and have joined the Starbucks "donate 5 hours" campaign.  I am going to work for Habitat for Humanity with the youth of my church to donate at least 5 hours of my time.  

I am so hopeful that our country is at the brink of greatness once again, and that we can pull ourselves out of the slump we are in.  President Obama will galvanize and unite this country, of that I am sure.  And I am standing with many of my fellow Americans, on my tiptoes ready to jump to do his bidding!!!